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Semi-Automatic Analysis of Web Pages

  • Jon Mikael Berg



Mastergradsoppgave (30 stp). Institutt for informatikk.

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Publiseringsår: 2005

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Semi-Automatic Analysis of Web Pages


The web is an important communication media for companies and organizations. Since the website is that important it is essential that web pages are designed in the best possible way with concern to usability. For a company it is important to ensure that all people can use their web page, no matter if people have disabilities and use special browser software. The creator and the owner of the web page want to maximize the potential of the web site and can expose flaws by evaluating the page according to established guidelines for web usability and accessibility. We have found that the process of evaluating web pages can be difficult if you do not have good prior understanding of the guidelines. To support the user in the evaluation of a web page a manual analysis tool can be used to point the user to the things that must be looked at. To do the analysis manually is also time consuming. To make the analysis process easier and more effective it is desirable that the system does the analysis automatically and presents the user with the design flaws of the web page. The problem for this thesis will be to answer how a system for semi automatic analysis of web pages based on Jakob Nielsen’s guidelines can be built. This thesis will look upon what is the current state of the techniques and standards used to ensure high web usability. It will describe the design and implementation of a web analysis tool, which will do a semi-automatic analysis of web pages according to the recommendation of Jakob Nielsen. Automatic checking of the guidelines is possible to do for the guidelines that are tightly connected to elements defined in HTML-code. It gets increasingly difficult to automatically analyze the guidelines for how a human observes the web page through the design of layout and images and how text information is presented. The guidelines where automatically analysis has been implemented will contribute to an easier and fast analysis of a web page. The automatic analysis is also practical for quickly spotting design flaws without performing a thorough manual analysis. The system as a whole will be valuable as a web design support system and help build more usable web pages. It will still require web designers to be familiar and actively use recommendations for usability and accessibility when designing web pages.


Jon Mikael Berg

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Gunnar Hartvigsen

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    ved Institutt for informatikk ved UiT Norges arktiske universitet
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