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Electronic medicine list. Diplomoppgave

  • Jørn Mikal Jensen



Institutt for informatikk, UiTø

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Publiseringsår: 2004
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Electronic medicine list. Diplomoppgave


Adverse drug effects are a vast problem in today's society and an important task to decrease. The potential effect of adverse medication is that it could cause severe damage, even death. Furthermore there will probably be an economic gain, because some wrong medication would be avoided and the patient would not unnecessary be sent to a hospital or lengthen the stay. The expenses of redundant medication would also decrease. To create a medication list is a complex area with many stakeholders to agree on a standard. The legislation in Norway to make one is very hard and an the only legal way to do it without seeking The Data Inspectorate, is to create an "egenjournal" where the patient is in charge of the infornlation and has to push it to health personnel in need of it. The goal of the project was to create a prototype of a web based electronically medication list. We have further developed a patient diary, PanDa, to include a common medication list with access for authorized health personnel and the patient.


Jørn Mikal Jensen

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