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Abstinence-oriented therapies for opiate addicts

  • Helge Waal og
  • Hege Kornør


Current Opinion in Psychiatry
ISSN 0951-7367
e-ISSN 1473-6578
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Vitenskapelig artikkel
Publiseringsår: 2004
Volum: 17
Sider: 169 - 174


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Abstinence-oriented therapies for opiate addicts


Purpose of review: Maintenance treatment is increasingly emphasized as the main therapy of opioid dependency. Abstinence-oriented therapy is nevertheless an important alternative and has considerable advantages for those benefiting from this strategy. This review aims to evaluate recent research on abstinence-oriented approaches in the light of earlier findings. Recent findings: In the treatment of addiction, assessment has increased in importance. Abstinence-oriented treatment must take psychopathology into consideration and secure adequate treatment for mental problems. Recent research concentrates mainly on opioid maintenance, however this is mostly in the short term. Further, there is a possibility of bias in favour of psychopharmacological interventions. Improved detoxification technology increases compliance but follow-up treatment is found to be crucial in further development. Use of antagonists bears some promise if strengthened by reinforcement and community follow-up. Depot formulations might increase usefulness, but basic research is incomplete. Incentives with vouchers may also increase compliance and to some extent stabilize patients in treatment. Summary: There is ample evidence that some opioid addicts do attain long-lasting abstinence. Psychosocial approaches are important and the treatment system should not only emphasize maintenance treatment. Research is important both to clarify which patients are best suited to these treatment traditions and to ascertain what combinations of abstinence and maintenance-oriented programs are optimal. Community reinforcements and antagonist preparations with prolonged effects are particularly important research areas.


Helge Waal

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    ved Seksjon Vinderen ved Universitetet i Oslo
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Hege Kornør

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    ved SERAF- Senter for rus og avhengighetsforskning ved Universitetet i Oslo
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