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Transparent development of the WHO rapid advice guidelines

  • Holger J Schünemann
  • Suzanne R Hill
  • Meetali Kakad
  • Gunn Elisabeth Vist
  • Richard Bellamy
  • Lauren Stockman
  • mfl.


PLoS Medicine
ISSN 1549-1277
e-ISSN 1549-1676
NVI-nivå 2

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Publiseringsår: 2007
Volum: 4
Hefte: 5
Sider: 786 - 793
Open Access


Isi-ID: 000246889700005

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Transparent development of the WHO rapid advice guidelines


Emerging health problems require rapid advice. We describe the development and pilot testing of a systematic, transparent approach used by the World Health Organization (WHO) to develop rapid advice guidelines in response to requests from member states confronted with uncertainty about the pharmacological management of avian infl uenza A (H5N1) virus infection. We fi rst searched for systematic reviews of randomized trials of treatment and prevention of seasonal infl uenza and for nontrial evidence on H5N1 infection, including case reports and animal and in vitro studies. A panel of clinical experts, clinicians with experience in treating patients with H5N1, infl uenza researchers, and methodologists was convened for a two-day meeting. Panel members reviewed the evidence prior to the meeting and agreed on the process. It took one month to put together a team to prepare the evidence profi les (i.e., summaries of the evidence on important clinical and policy questions), and it took the team only fi ve weeks to prepare and revise the evidence profi les and to prepare draft guidelines prior to the panel meeting. A draft manuscript for publication was prepared within 10 days following the panel meeting. Strengths of the process include its transparency and the short amount of time used to prepare these WHO guidelines. The process could be improved by shortening the time required to commission evidence profi les. Further development is needed to facilitate stakeholder involvement, and evaluate and ensure the guideline’s usefulness.


Holger J Schünemann

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Suzanne R Hill

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Kakad Meetali

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Gunn Elisabeth Vist

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Richard Bellamy

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