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The Understanding of the Expression 'bat siyyon' in the Hebrew Bible

  • Magnar Kartveit


Navn på arrangementet: International Organization for the Study of the Old Testament. 18th Congress
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Dato fra: 1. august 2004
Dato til: 6. august 2004

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Vitenskapelig foredrag
Publiseringsår: 2004


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The Understanding of the Expression 'bat siyyon' in the Hebrew Bible


The Hebrew expression bat-siyyon is found 26 times in the OT: 2 Ki 19.21; Ps 9.15; Isa 1.8; 10.32 (Qere); 16.1; 37.22; 52.2; 62.11; Jer 4.31; 6.2, 23; Lam. 1.6; 2.1, 4, 8, 10, 13, 18; 4.22; Mic. 1.13; 4.8, 10, 13; Zeph. 3.14; Zech. 2.14(ET; TM: 2.10);9.9; and the corresponding Greek thugater sion occurs twice in the NT: Matt 21.5; John 12.15. 2 Ki 19.21 = Isa 37.22, and Matt 21.5; John 12.15 quote Zech 9.9. We thus arrive at a total of 25 individual cases in the Bible. Aloysius Fitzgerald suggested that “In the W[est]S[emitic] area capital cities were regarded as godesses who were married to the patron god of the city.” (CBQ 34 [1972] pp. 403-416). These cities are described as rbt, btwlt, ‘m, and qdšh in extra-biblical texts, but as bat onlyin the OT. According to F.W. Dobbs-Allsopp, the expression “signifies a goddess as an ihabitant or citizen of a particular city or country” (CBQ 57 [1995] pp. 451-70). This goddess should protect the city. Further contributions have been made by William F. Stinespring (IDB.S 1976, p. 985) and Adele Berlin (Lamentations, OTL, 2002, pp. 10f.). The thesis here is that the phrase bat siyyon is a special case of an appositional genitive where bat carries a metaphorical sense: “dear”, “beloved”, which is applied to the last word, “Zion”. In some texts “Zion” is personified. Expressed in general terms: in a construct chain of words in Biblical Hebrew the nomen regens (e.g. bat) may be metaphorically used and the sense applied to the nomen rectum (e.g.siyyon).


Magnar Kartveit

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