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Troens fundament : om inkarnasjonen som grunnlag og grense for kristen teologi

  • Knut Alfsvåg


Tidsskrift for teologi og kirke
ISSN 0040-7194
e-ISSN 1504-2952
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Vitenskapelig artikkel
Publiseringsår: 2006
Volum: 77
Hefte: 2
Sider: 82 - 101


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Troens fundament : om inkarnasjonen som grunnlag og grense for kristen teologi


The idea of the inscrutability of God makes sense both in a philosophical and a theological context, and is further confirmed by the present plurality of religions and ideologies. An adequate understanding of God must therefore be based on his self-revelation, which according to a Christian conviction takes place in the incarnation as witnessed in the Bible. A relevant Christian theology will therefore necessarily manifest itself as a natural reading and interpretation of the canonical text of the Bible, and result in an emphasis of the two natures and personal unity of Christ as maintained by the Council of Chalcedon. A weakening of this basic and essential relation between Christ and canon results in a loss of Christological substance with dire implications both for soteriology and the understanding of the life as a Christian, whereas the idea of communicatio idiomatum is validated as essential for Christian theology both as regards method and content.


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Knut Alfsvåg

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    ved Senter for misjon og globale studier ved VID vitenskapelige høgskole
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