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Citizen stories - or theatre as performing citizenship in Zimbabwe

  • Vibeke Glørstad


Silent voices forbidden lives - censorship and performance : Abstracts


Centro Estudos de Teatro. Faculdada de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa

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Citizen stories - or theatre as performing citizenship in Zimbabwe


The last decades have seen a development in citizenship studies (Isin and Turner 2002, Kabeer 2005, Gowes ed. 2005, Nyamnjoh 2004, 2006) which moves beyond the conception of citizenship as merely a status held under the authority of a state to include various political and social struggle for recognition and extension of citizenship, beyond the idea of the loyal citizen. This is a particulary relevant theoretical approach seen in light of attempt to confine citizenship to special groups in Zimbabwe; described as "super-citizens" (party members from the right region) and "non-citizens"; those who oppose the regime in different ways (Raftopolous and Hammar 2003). Radical theatre contests these attempts to limit peoples democratic participation. This paper intends to explore the theoretical framework of citizenship studies and suggest ways to relate it to the actual use of theatre in Zimbabwe. I will especially look at the play "Superpatriots and Morons" (Rooftop Promotions, Raisedon Baya, produced by Daves Guzha 2004), "The Good President" (Cont Mhlanga 2007, produced by Daves Guzha) and also how MISA (Media Institute in Southern Africa) and National Constitutional Assembly in Harare and Radio Dialog and - Nhimbe Trust in Bulawayo uses theatre to provide a platform for communication.


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Vibeke Glørstad

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