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Explicatio и complicatio Dei в понимании Кузанским отношения между Богом и миром

  • Knut Alfsvåg


Verbum (St. Peterburg)
ISSN 2079-3561

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Vitenskapelig artikkel
Publiseringsår: 2011
Volum: 13
Sider: 144 - 162





Gudsbegrepet • Teologihistorie • Nicholas Cusanus

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Explicatio и complicatio Dei в понимании Кузанским отношения между Богом и миром


Explicatio and complicatio Dei in Cusanus’s understanding of the relationship between God and human


Coincidentia oppositorum is the rejection of the principle of non-contradiction by which Cusanus opens a room beyond the conceptually unambiguous for the exploration of the world’s relation to the absolute. Nicholas follows Neoplatonism in suggesting the concept of participation, which he explores through the twin concepts of explicatio (unfolding) and complicatio (enfolding). In this way, he is able to establish the relationship between the infi nite and the fi nite in a way that neither severs the relationship between the two by absolutizing the unknowability of the infi nite, nor identifi es the two in a way that justifi es the accusation of pantheism. For Cusanus, the biblical emphasis on the oneness of God justifi es the application of his approach in a religious context. Th is implies that the dialectics of explicatio and complicatio even applies as an alternative to cause-and-eff ect interpretations even concerning the relationship between God and human. Th ree areas of thought seem to be particularly relevant in this context: 1) the relation between divine providence and human freedom; 2) the problem of worship and idolatry; 3) Christ as unfolded divinity and enfolded humanity.


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Knut Alfsvåg

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