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Living With a Mentally Ill Parent: Exploring Adolescents' Experiences and Perspectives

  • Marianne Vibeke Trondsen


Qualitative Health Research
ISSN 1049-7323
e-ISSN 1552-7557
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Vitenskapelig artikkel
Publiseringsår: 2012
Volum: 22
Hefte: 2
Sider: 174 - 188


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Living With a Mentally Ill Parent: Exploring Adolescents' Experiences and Perspectives


Although a considerable body of research has described the implications of parental mental illness, the perspectives of children and adolescents have rarely been addressed. In this article, I explore adolescents’ experiences in everyday life, based on an action-oriented study of a Norwegian online self-help group for adolescents (aged 15 to 18) with mentally ill parents. The analysis was conducted through participant observation of the group for 2 years. The adolescents experienced a variety of difficult challenges related to their parent’s mental illness: lack of information and openness; unpredictability and instability; fear; loneliness; and loss and sorrow. However, they also discussed strategies for active management of the challenges arising from the family situation. I argue that these adolescents can be understood as vulnerable as well as active participants in managing their everyday lives. I emphasize the importance of including perspectives of children and adolescents in further research so as to improve health care for families with parental mental illness.


Marianne Vibeke Trondsen

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