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Between Rhetoric and Reality - Conceptions of Diversity in the Curriculum Framework for Teacher Education in Norway

  • Thor-André Skrefsrud


Navn på arrangementet: NFPF/NERA Congress 2012
Sted: DPU, Copenhagen
Dato fra: 8. mars 2012
Dato til: 10. mars 2012


Arrangørnavn: Network on Multicultural Educational Research

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Vitenskapelig foredrag
Publiseringsår: 2012

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Between Rhetoric and Reality - Conceptions of Diversity in the Curriculum Framework for Teacher Education in Norway


The paper presents results from a study conducted within the project Teacher Education as Part of Multicultural Nation Building: An Interdisciplinary Approach. The point of departure for the study is the intercultural challenge raised by the national standard curriculum for teacher education in Norway (Guidelines for Teacher Education, GTE). Here it is strongly emphasized that student teachers must develop abilities to handle plurality without reducing differences to the same. Further, they should be able to see cultural differences as a source of enrichment and a possibility for learning more about one self and the other, and encourage mutual cultural exchange. In order to challenge and try to see beyond the intercultural rhetoric, the paper reports from a comparison between the GTE-document and the preliminary draft (the Green Paper). This reveals that GTE, unlike the Green Paper, has reduced diversity to one of several challenges teachers are facing today. Diversity is treated separately and not considered as something that influences the mainstream activity. In contrast the Green Paper seems to emphasize the fact that a cultural diverse school raises more fundamental challenges for teacher practice and carries ramifications for all levels of teaching and for all subject areas. Furthermore, the paper aims to show that, despite a unanimous professional support for the Green Paper in the hearing process, the Ministry of Education decided to rewrite the final version based on recommendations given by another political ministry. Professional advices were set aside in favor of political considerations. On this basis the paper asks if the Ministry of Education runs the risk of using empty rhetoric, or even worse, promoting an unintended hidden cultural imperialism.


Thor Andre Skrefsrud

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    ved Institutt for pedagogikk og samfunnsfag – Hamar ved Høgskolen i Innlandet
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