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Diversity and dynamics of marine haptophytes and their viruses (HAPTODIV)

  • Bente Edvardsen


Navn på arrangementet: Observatoir Oceanologique de Banyuls seminar series
Sted: Banyuls sur mer
Dato fra: 25. juni 2012
Dato til: 25. juni 2012


Arrangørnavn: Observatoir Oceanologique de Banyuls (OOB)

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Publiseringsår: 2012





Biodiversitet • Algebiologi

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Diversity and dynamics of marine haptophytes and their viruses (HAPTODIV)


Haptophytes are microalgae and a major component in marine pico- and nanoplankton communities. They often occur in bloom concentrations that may have a major impact on the global carbon balance and climate forcing ,besides sometimes causing fish-kills. Because haptophytes are small and difficult to identify under the light microscope little is known about their seasonal dynamics and ecological role below the genus level. In the ongoing project HAPTODIV we aim at providing new knowledge about the diversity and dynamics of haptophytes, and how species composition, diversity and their abundances are affected by their viruses and environmental factors. We have developed, tested and applied a strategy for analysing diversity using 454-pyrosequencing, and combine this with environmental clone libraries, electron microscopy, qPCR and flow cytometry. We have used an artificial haptophyte community consisting of 11 cultured species to investigate the ability of 454-pyrosequencing in detection and assessment of the number of species present, and the assessment of relative abundance in terms of cell numbers and biomass. We compared DNA to RNA/cDNA, and 454-pyrosequencing to Sanger sequencing of clone libraries using two different V4-SSU rDNA haptophyte-specific primer pairs, and five different strategies to clean the sequence data from errors. I will further present some results on the diversity and dynamics of haptophytes and their viruses using this strategy.


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Bente Edvardsen

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    ved Marinbiologi ved Universitetet i Oslo
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