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Quick and easy? Respondent evaluations of the Becker–DeGroot–Marschak and multiple price list valuation mechanisms.

Asioli, Daniele; Mignani, Adriana; Alfnes, Frode. 2020, Agribusiness. NMBU, UoR, ITALIAVitenskapelig artikkel

Consumer Preferences for Fish Attributes in Bangladesh: A Choice Experiment.

Alam, Md Akhtarul; Alfnes, Frode. 2019, Journal of International Food & Agribusiness Marketing. BAU, NMBUVitenskapelig artikkel

Exploring social preferences for ecosystem services of multifunctional agriculture across policy scenarios.

Bernues, Alberto; Alfnes, Frode; Clemetsen, Morten; Eik, Lars Olav; Faccioni, Georgia; Ramanzin, Maurizio; Ripoll-Bosch, Raimon; Rodríguez-Ortega, Tamara; Stuararo, Enrico. 2019, Ecosystem Services. WUR, NMBU, UdZ, UdSdP, CITAVitenskapelig artikkel

Informing sustainable business models with a consumer preference perspective.

Viciunaite, Viktorija; Alfnes, Frode. 2019, Journal of Cleaner Production. NMBUVitenskapelig artikkel

Effect of Normative and Affective Aspects on Willingness to Pay for Domestic Food Products—A Multiple Price List Experiment.

Tomic, Marina; Alfnes, Frode. 2018, Journal of Food Products Marketing. NMBU, SUZVitenskapelig artikkel

Consumer Readiness to Reduce Meat Consumption for the Purpose of Environmental Sustainability: Insights from Norway.

Austgulen, Marthe Hårvik; Skuland, Silje Elisabeth; Schjøll, Alexander; Alfnes, Frode. 2018, Sustainability. NMBU, OSLOMETVitenskapelig artikkel

Heterogeneous preferences with respect to food preparation time: Foodies and quickies.

Casini, Leonardo; Boncinelli, Fabio; Contini, Caterina; Gerini, Francesca; Scozzafava, Gabriele; Alfnes, Frode. 2019, Food Quality and Preference. NMBU, UdSdFVitenskapelig artikkel

Information and donations to development aid projects.

Bachke, Maren Elise; Alfnes, Frode; Wik, Mette. 2017, Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics. NMBUVitenskapelig artikkel

Labeling farmed seafood: A review.

Alfnes, Frode; Chen, Xianwen; Rickertsen, Kyrre. 2017, Aquaculture Economics & Management. NMBU, NINAVitenskapelig artikkel

Test-Retesting in Experimental Valuation of Perishable Food Products: Unstable Individual Bids and Reliable Market Demand.

Alfnes, Frode; Rickertsen, Kyrre; Shogren, Jason. 2017, Journal of Agricultural Economics (JAE). NMBU, UoWVitenskapelig artikkel
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