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Modes of Interaction in Naturally Occurring Medical Encounters with General Practitioners: The ´One in a Million´ Study .

Lian, Olaug S; Nettleton, Sarah; Wifstad, Åge; Dowrick, Christopher. 2021, Qualitative Health Research. UIT, UoL, UoYVitenskapelig artikkel

Contested chronic conditions fused with medical uncertainty: gendered perspectives.

Lian, Olaug S. 2019, Routledge. UITVitenskapelig Kapittel/Artikkel/Konferanseartikkel

Health related quality of life of people with non-epileptic seizures: The role of socio-demographic characteristics and stigma.

Robson, Catherine; Myers, Lorna; Pretorius, Chrisma; Lian, Olaug S; Reuber, Marcus. 2018, Seizure. UIT, USA, UoS, SUNVitenskapelig artikkel

Socially constructed and structurally conditioned conflicts in territories of medical uncertainty.

Lian, Olaug S; Robson, Catherine. 2018, Social Theory & Health. UITVitenskapelig artikkel

Nå kan sorg være en sykdom.

Lian, Olaug S; Pettrém, Maria. 2018, UITIntervju

Sykdommen vi ikke kan snakke om.

Strand, Nina; Lian, Olaug S. 2018, UITIntervju

Cross-sectional study of the differences between measured, perceived and desired body size and their relations with self-perceived health in young adults: The Tromsø Study - Fit Futures 2.

Sand, Anne-Sofie; Furberg, Anne-Sofie; Lian, Olaug S; Nielsen, Christopher Sivert; Pettersen, Gunn; Winther, Anne; Emaus, Nina. 2017, Scandinavian Journal of Public Health. UIT, UNN, FHIVitenskapelig artikkel

Motivation and obstacles for weight management among young women - a qualitative study with a public health focus - the Tromsø study: Fit Futures.

Sand, Anne-Sofie; Emaus, Nina; Lian, Olaug S. 2017, BMC Public Health. UIT, UNNVitenskapelig artikkel

“Blaming, shaming, humiliation”: Stigmatising medical interactions among people with non-epileptic seizures.

Robson, Catherine; Lian, Olaug S. 2017, Wellcome Open Research. UIT, NMMUVitenskapelig artikkel
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