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Thermal stability and interactions with sedimentary rocks under typical reservoir conditions of selected pyridines investigated as phase partitioning tracers.

Silva, Mario ; Stray, Helge; Ould Metidji, Mahmoud; Bjørnstad, Tor. 2021, Upstream Oil and Gas Technology. IFEVitenskapelig artikkel

Physics-inspired pseudo-transient method and its application in modelling focused fluid flow with geological complexity.

Yarushina, Viktoriya M.. 2021, Global Journal of Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities (GJIDD). IFEVitenskapelig artikkel

Interplay of valence states and magnetic interactions in the perovskite system LaNi1–xRhxO3.

Fjellvåg, Asbjørn Slagtern; Fjellvåg, Øystein; Kumar, Susmit; Ruud, Amund; Sjåstad, Anja Olafsen. 2021, Journal of Solid State Chemistry. IFE, UIOVitenskapelig artikkel

Models of overpressure build-up in shallow sediments by glacial deposition and glacial loading with respect to chimney formation.

Wangen, Magnus. 2021, Modeling Earth Systems and Environment. IFEVitenskapelig artikkel

Hydrogen costs from water electrolysis at high temperature and pressure.

Holm, Thomas; Borsboom-Hanson, Tory; Herrera, Omar E.; Merida, Walter. 2021, Energy Conversion and Management. UBC, IFEVitenskapelig artikkel

A Single Well Chemical Tracer model that accounts for temperature gradients, pH changes and buffering.

Pedersen, Tom. 2021, Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering. IFEVitenskapelig artikkel

Robust and Fast Detection of Small Power Losses in Large-Scale PV Systems.

Skomedal, Åsmund; Øgaard, Mari Benedikte; Haug, Halvard; Marstein, Erik Stensrud. 2021, IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics. IFE, UIOVitenskapelig artikkel

Neutron radiography for local modelling of thermochemical heat storage reactors: Case study on SrCl2-NH3.

Karabanova, Anastasiia; Perizat, Berdiyeva; Helfen, Lukas; Tengattini, Alessandro; Bücherl, Thomas; Makowska, Malgorzata G.; Deledda, Stefano; Blanchard, Didier. 2021, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer. DTU, SVEITS, IFE, TUM, FRANKRIKEVitenskapelig artikkel

Bayesian Network Model to Distinguish between Intentional Attacks and Accidental Technical Failures: A Case Study of Floodgates.

Chockalingam, Sabarathinam; Pieters, Wolter; Teixeira, André; van Gelder, Pieter. 2021, Cybersecurity. Uu, TUD, RU, IFEVitenskapelig artikkel

Experimental Compaction and Dilation of Porous Rocks During Triaxial Creep and Stress Relaxation.

Sabitova, Alina; Yarushina, Viktoriya M.; Stanchits, Sergey; Stukachev, Vladimir; Khakimova, Lyudmila; Myasnikov, Artem. 2021, Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering. RUSSLAND, IFEVitenskapelig artikkel
1 - 10 av 1 422 | Neste | Siste »