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Tron Krosshaug

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    ved Institutt for idrettsmedisinske fag ved Norges idrettshøgskole

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What have we learnt from quantitative case reports of acute lateral ankle sprains injuries and episodes of ‘giving-way’ of the ankle joint, and what shall we further investigate?

Lysdal, Filip Gertz; Wang, Yuehang; Delahunt, Eamonn; Gehring, Dominic; Kosik, Kyle B.; Krosshaug, Tron; Li, Yumeng; Mok, Kam-Ming; Pasanen, Kati; Remus, Alexandria mfl.. 2022, Sports Biomechanics. UoK, RD, TCUoHK, TXSTATE, UKK, DTU, AAU, UCD, LU, UCALGARY, FREIBURG, NIHVitenskapelig oversiktsartikkel/review

Understanding Bench Press Biomechanics — Training Expertise and Sex Affect Lifting Technique and Net Joint Moments.

Mausehund, Lasse; Krosshaug, Tron. 2021, Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. NIHVitenskapelig artikkel

Information Extraction from Binary Skill Assessment Data with Machine Learning.

Jauhiainen, Susanne; Krosshaug, Tron; Petushek, Erich; Kauppi, Jukka-Pekka; Äyrämö, Sami. 2021, International Journal of Learning Analytics and Artificial Intelligence for Education (IJAI). NIH, MTU, JyVitenskapelig artikkel

Mimicking game scenarios in a laboratory-based environment - the effects on knee abduction moment when facing varied task demands.

Mai, Patrick; Bill, Kevin; Gloeckler, Katharina; Krosshaug, Tron. 2021, The 13th Annual meeting of the Danish Society of Biomechanics. NIHVitenskapelig foredrag

The effect of cutting task complexity on technique variables associated with increased risk of ACL injuries in female handball players.

Bill, Kevin; Mai, Patrick; Molet, Claramunt; Krosshaug, Tron. 2021, The 13th Annual meeting of the Danish Society of Biomechanics. NIHPoster
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