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Nils A. Baas

  • Stilling:
    ved Institutt for matematiske fag ved Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet

Resultater Resultater

Topological Data Analysis.

Baas, Nils A.. 2018, Models in cancer research. NTNUVitenskapelig foredrag

Topological analysis of Neural Data.

Baas, Nils A.. 2018, Manifold discovery in neuroscience.. NTNUVitenskapelig foredrag

Decoding of Neural Data Using Cohomological Feature Extraction.

Rybakken, Erik; Baas, Nils A.; Dunn, Benjamin Adric. 2019, Neural Computation. NTNUVitenskapelig artikkel

Using persistent homology to reveal hidden covariates in systems governed by the kinetic Ising model.

Spreemann, Gard; Dunn, Benjamin Adric; Botnan, Magnus; Baas, Nils A.. 2018, Physical review. E. NTNUVitenskapelig artikkel

On the Mathematics of Higher Structures .

Baas, Nils A.. 2018, NTNURapport
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