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Aktiv cristin-person James Oyugi Odeck

  • Stilling:
    Professor ii
    ved Avdeling for logistikk ved Høgskolen i Molde - Vitenskapelig høgskole i logistikk

Resultater Resultater

Efficiency and productivity in the transportation sector.

Odeck, James Oyugi. 2019, Research in Transportation Business and Management (RTBM). NTNU, HIMLeder

The accuracy of benefit-cost analyses (BCAs) in transportation : an ex-post evaluation of road projects.

Odeck, James Oyugi; Kjerkreit, Anne. 2019, Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice. VEGVESEN, NTNU, HIMVitenskapelig artikkel

How to implement wider economic impacts in transport appraisals? A review of the Norwegian experience.

Tveter, Eivind; Odeck, James. 2018, European Transport Conference. MF, NTNU, HIMVitenskapelig foredrag

The accuracy of traffic forecasts for fixed link projects : an empirical study of Norwegian bridges and tunnels.

Welde, Morten; Tveter, Eivind; Odeck, James. 2018, European Transport Conference past papers repository. NTNU, MF, HIMFagartikkel

Chapter four: Transport System.

Skjetne, Eirik; Odeck, James Oyugi; Mwakilema, William; Joseph, Michael; Díez Gutiérrez, María; Tørset, Trude. 2017, Fagbokforlaget. NTNUFaglig kapittel
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