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Treatment of acute ruptures of the anterior cruciate ligament: A prospective, randomized study of Three surgical techniques.

Engebretsen, Lars; Fasting, Ove; Mølster, Anders; Strand, Torbjørn; Benum, Pål. 1988, NOF 44. STOLAV, HAUKELAND, OUS, UIBVitenskapelig foredrag

A prospective randomized study of Three surgical techniques for treatment of acute ruptures of the anterior cruciate ligament.

Engebretsen, Lars; Benum, Pål; Fasting, Ove; Mølster, Anders; Strand, Torbjørn. 1990, American Journal of Sports Medicine. STOLAV, OUS, UIBVitenskapelig artikkel

A clinical and radiographic 13-year follow-up study of 138 Charnley hip arthroplasties in patients 50-70 years old: comparison of university hospital data and registry data.

Hulleberg, Gunn; Aamodt, Arild; Espehaug, Birgitte; Benum, Pål. 2008, Acta Orthopaedica. STOLAV, HVLVitenskapelig artikkel

Small and similar amounts of micromotion in an anatomical stem and a customized cementless femoral stem in regularshaped femurs : A 5-year follow-up randomized RSA study.

Nysted, Mona Iren; Foss, Olav; Klaksvik, Jomar; Benum, Pål; Haugan, Kristin; Husby, Otto Schnell; Aamodt, Arild. 2014, Acta Orthopaedica. STOLAV, NTNU, LDSVitenskapelig artikkel

A prospective randomised radiostereometric analysis trial of SmartSet HV and Palacos R bone cements in primary total hip arthroplasty.

Husby, Otto Schnell; Haugan, Kristin; Benum, Pål; Foss, Olav A. 2010, Journal of Orthopaedics and Traumatology. STOLAVVitenskapelig artikkel
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