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Anders Fjose

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    ved Institutt for biovitenskap ved Universitetet i Bergen



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The Paired Domain-Containing Nuclear Factor pax[b] Is Expressed in Specific Commissural lnterneurons in Zebrafish Embryos.

Mikkola, Ingvild; Fjose, Anders; Kuwada, John Y.; Wilson, Stephen; Guddal, Per Henrik; Krauss, Stefan. 1992, Journal of Neurobiology. UIT, KCLUOL, UoMAVitenskapelig artikkel

Zebrafish enhancer trap line showing maternal and neural expression of kctd15a.

Gharbi, Naouel; Zhao, Xiaofeng; Ellingsen, Ståle; Fjose, Anders. 2012, Development, Growth and Differentiation. UIBVitenskapelig artikkel

Zebrafish transgenic lines co-expressing a hybrid Gal4 activator and eGFP in tissue-restricted patterns.

Gupta, Puja; Zhao, Xiaofeng; Prat, Carla R.; Narawane, Shailesh; Suh, Clotilde Sirri; Gharbi, Naouel; Ellingsen, Ståle; Fjose, Anders. 2011, Gene Expression Patterns. UIBVitenskapelig artikkel

Exploring microRNA functions in zebrafish.

Fjose, Anders; Zhao, Xiaofeng. 2010, New Biotechnology. UIBVitenskapelig oversiktsartikkel/review

RNAi and microRNAs: From animal models to disease therapy.

Fjose, Anders; Drivenes, Øyvind. 2006, Birth Defects Research Part C: Embryo Today: Reviews. UIBVitenskapelig oversiktsartikkel/review
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