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Thomas Hagen

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    ved Kognitiv- og nevropsykologi ved Universitetet i Oslo

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Subjective Socioeconomic Status, Cognitive Abilities, and Personal Control: Associations With Health Behaviours.

Kraft, Pål; Kraft, Brage; Hagen, Thomas; Espeseth, Thomas. 2022, Frontiers in Psychology. DIAKONSYK, ONH, UIOVitenskapelig artikkel

The effects of cognitive abilities and task demands on tonic and phasic pupil sizes.

Aminihajibashi, Samira; Hagen, Thomas; Andreassen, Ole Andreas; Laeng, Bruno; Espeseth, Thomas. 2020, Biological Psychology. ONH, UIO, OUSVitenskapelig artikkel

Pupillary and behavioral markers of alerting and orienting: An individual difference approach.

Aminihajibashi, Samira; Hagen, Thomas; Laeng, Bruno; Espeseth, Thomas. 2020, Brain and Cognition. UIOVitenskapelig artikkel

Distinct Neural Mechanisms Meet Challenges in Dynamic Visual Attention due to Either Load or Object Spacing.

Mäki-Marttunen, Verónica; Hagen, Thomas; Laeng, Bruno; Espeseth, Thomas. 2019, Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience. UIO, OUSVitenskapelig artikkel
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