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Terje Alræk

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    ved NAFKAM ved UiT Norges arktiske universitet
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    ved Seksjon for folkehelse og manuell behandling ved Høyskolen Kristiania



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Høyskolen Kristiania, Kirkegata 24, 1190 Oslo

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Overview on pattern identification - History, nature and strategies for treating patients: A narrative review.

Birch, Stephen; Alræk, Terje; Bovey, Mark; Lee, Myeong Soo; Lee, Ju Ah; Zaslawski, Chris; Robinson, Nicola; Kim, Tae-Hun; Bian, Zhao-Xiang. 2020, European Journal of Integrative Medicine. UIT, HK, KYUNGHEE, BUoTCM, UTS, HKBU, LSBU, STORBRITAN, SØRKOREAVitenskapelig artikkel

How do acupuncture practitioners use pattern identification - An international web-based survey?

Robinson, Nicola; Bovey, Mark; Lee, Ju Ah; Zaslawski, Christopher; Tian, Phoebus; Kim, Tae-Hun; Alræk, Terje; Bian, Zhao-Xiang; Lee, Myeong Soo; Birch, Stephen. 2019, European Journal of Integrative Medicine. UIT, HK, BUoTCM, KYUNGHEE, UTS, HKBU, LSBU, STORBRITAN, SØRKOREAVitenskapelig artikkel

Acupuncture in sham device controlled trials may not be as effective as acupuncture in the real world: a preliminary network meta-analysis of studies of acupuncture for hot flashes in menopausal women.

Kim, Tae-Hun; Lee, Myeong Soo; Alræk, Terje; Birch, Stephen. 2019, Acupuncture in Medicine. UIT, HK, KYUNGHEE, LSBU, SØRKOREAVitenskapelig artikkel

The use of pattern differentiation in WHO-registered traditional Chinese medicine trials ? A systematic review.

Zhang, Xuan; Tian, Ran; Zhao, Chen; Birch, Stephen; Lee, Ju Ah; Alræk, Terje; Bovey, Mark; Zaslawski, Christopher; Robinson, Nicola; Kim, Tae-Hun mfl.. 2019, European Journal of Integrative Medicine. UIT, KYUNGHEE, BUoTCM, HK, UTS, HKBU, LSBU, STORBRITAN, SØRKOREAVitenskapelig oversiktsartikkel/review

Beneficial Effect and safety of homeopathic therapy for upper respiratory tract infection in children: a systematic review.

Liu, Xue-Han; Lu, Chun-Li; Wang, Li-qiong; Shang, Ya-xi; Stub, Trine; Kristoffersen, Agnete Egilsdatter; Norheim, Arne Johan; Musial, Frauke; Alræk, Terje; Fønnebø, Vinjar mfl.. 2019, ICCMR International conference in complementary medicine reseach. UIT, HKPoster
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