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Renée Katrin Bechmann

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Effects of simulated environmental discharges of the salmon lice pesticides deltamethrin and azamethiphos on the swimming behaviour and survival of adult Northern shrimp (Pandalus borealis).

Bamber, Shaw; Rundberget, Thomas; Kringstad, Alfhild; Bechmann, Renée Katrin. 2021, Aquatic Toxicology. NIVA, NORCEVitenskapelig artikkel

Effects of crude oil and field-generated burned oil residue on Northern shrimp (Pandalus borealis) larvae.

Keitel-Gröner, Frederike; Bechmann, Renée Katrin; Engen, Frode; Lyng, Emily; Taban, Ingrid Christina; Baussant, Thierry. 2021, Marine Environmental Research. NORCE, NOFOVitenskapelig artikkel

Neutralisation of hydrogen peroxide after delousing events; technology development and environmental risk assessment.

Carlsson, Pernilla Marianne; Bamber, Shaw Duncan; Umar, Muhammad; Bechmann, Renée Katrin; Garmo, Øyvind Aaberg; Bahr, Gjermund; Tassara, Luca; Gomiero, Alessio; Nøst, Ole Anders; Refseth, Gro Harlaug. 2021, NIVA, NORCE, AKVAPLAN, NORDRapport

Dispersant application increases adverse long-term effects of oil on shrimp larvae (Pandalus borealis) after a six hour exposure.

Keitel-Gröner, Frederike; Arnberg, Maj; Bechmann, Renée Katrin; Lyng, Emily; Baussant, Thierry. 2020, Marine Pollution Bulletin. NORCEVitenskapelig artikkel

Effects of exposing shrimp larvae (Pandalus borealis) to aquaculture pesticides at field relevant concentrations, with and without food limitation.

Bechmann, Renèe Katrin; Arnberg, Maj; Bamber, Shaw ; Lyng, Emily; Westerlund, Stig; Rundberget, Jan Thomas; Kringstad, Alfhild; Seear, Paul J; Burridge, Les. 2020, Aquatic Toxicology. NIVA, UoL, CANADA, NORCEVitenskapelig artikkel
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