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Grete Hasvold

  • Stilling:
    ved Seksjon for tumorbiologi ved Oslo universitetssykehus HF
  • Stilling:
    ved Seksjon for tumorbiologi ved Oslo universitetssykehus HF

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Differential Effects of Combined ATR/WEE1 Inhibition in Cancer Cells.

Rødland, Gro Elise; Hauge, Sissel; Hasvold, Grete; Bay, Lilli Theres Eilertsen; Henriksen-Raabe, Tine Therese; Joel, Mrinal; Syljuåsen, Randi G.. 2021, Cancers. OUSVitenskapelig artikkel

Determination of Tacrolimus Concentration and Protein Expression of P-Glycoprotein in Single Human Renal Core Biopsies.

Krogstad, Veronica; Vethe, Nils Tore; Robertsen, Ida; Hasvold, Grete; Ose, Anne-Marthe Due; Hermann, Monica; Andersen, Anders Mikal; Chan, Wai Joe; Skauby, Morten Heier; Svensson, My Hanna Sofia mfl.. 2018, Therapeutic Drug Monitoring. UIO, AHUS, OUS, HVLVitenskapelig artikkel

Human Adipose-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells Respond to Short-Term Hypoxia by Secreting Factors Beneficial for Human Islets in Vitro and Potentiate Antidiabetic Effect in Vivo.

Schive, Simen Walberg; Mirlashari, Mohammad Reza; Hasvold, Grete; Wang, Mengyu; Josefsen, Dag; Gullestad, Hans Petter; Korsgren, Olle; Foss, Aksel; Kvalheim, Gunnar; Scholz, Hanne. 2017, Cell Medicine. Uu, UIO, OUSVitenskapelig artikkel

TLR9 stimulation of B-cells induces transcription of p53 and prevents spontaneous and irradiation-induced cell death independent of DNA damage responses. Implications for Common variable immunodeficiency.

Holm, Kristine Lillebø; Syljuåsen, Randi G.; Hasvold, Grete; Alsøe, Lene; Nilsen, Hilde Loge; Ivanauskiene, Kristina; Collas, Philippe; Shaposhnikov, Sergey; Collins, Andrew Richard; Indrevær, Randi Larsen mfl.. 2017, PLOS ONE. CBT, UIO, AHUS, OUSVitenskapelig artikkel

Combined inhibition of Wee1 and Chk1 gives synergistic DNA damage in S-phase due to distinct regulation of CDK activity and CDC45 loading.

Hauge, Sissel; Naucke, Christian; Hasvold, Grete; Joel, Mrinal; Rødland, Gro Elise; Juzenas, Petras; Stokke, Trond; Syljuåsen, Randi G.. 2017, OncoTarget. OUSVitenskapelig artikkel
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