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Ole Martin Lægreid

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Climate change risk perceptions and the problem of scale: Evidence from cross-national survey experiments.

Tvinnereim, Endre; Lægreid, Ole Martin; Liu, Xiaozi; Shaw, Daigee; Borick, Christopher; Lachapelle, Erick. 2020, Environmental Politics. UDEM, NORCE, SINICA, MC, UIBVitenskapelig artikkel

Public perceptions of carbon capture and storage: the perCCSeptions project.

Tvinnereim, Endre; Merk, Christine; Lægreid, Ole Martin; Andersen, Gisle. 2019, NORCE CCUS seminar. NORCE, UIBPoster

A regression analysis of differences between countries where coal-based electricity supply is contracting and countries where it is growing: Evidence from 40 countries over 25 years (1990-2015).

Lægreid, Ole Martin; Jewell, Jessica; Vinichenko, Vadim. 2019, European Consortium for Political Research. NORCE, UIBVitenskapelig foredrag

Do Political Institutions Moderate GDP-CO2 relationship?

Povitkina, Marina; Lægreid, Ole Martin. 2018, Ecological Economics. NORCE, UIOVitenskapelig artikkel

Who cares about Norway's energy transition? A survey experiment about citizen associations and petroleum.

Tvinnereim, Endre; Lægreid, Ole Martin; Fløttum, Kjersti. 2020, Energy Research & Social Science. NORCE, UIBVitenskapelig artikkel
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