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Anne Seljenes Bøe

  • Stilling:
    ved Selvmordsforskning og forebygging ved Universitetet i Oslo

Resultater Resultater

Forekomst av villet egenskade estimert ved data fra Norsk pasientregister.

Qin, Ping; Burrell, Lisa Victoria; Bøe, Anne Seljenes; Mehlum, Lars. 2020, Suicidologi. UIOVitenskapelig artikkel

Comorbid psychiatric disorder in adult DSH patients: A Norwegian observation.

Bøe, Anne Seljenes; Mehlum, Lars; Melle, Ingrid; Qin, Ping. 2019, International Summit on Suicide Research . UIOPoster

Influence of socioeconomic status and health condition on risk for suicide among the middle-aged in Norway.

Bøe, Anne Seljenes; Mehlum, Lars; Qin, Ping. 2018, 17th European Symposium on Suicide & Suicidal Behaviour. UIOVitenskapelig foredrag

Injuries prior and subsequent to index poisoning with medication among adolescents: a national study based on Norwegian patient registry.

Qin, Ping; Shihua, Sun; Bøe, Anne Seljenes; Stanley, Barbara; Mehlum, Lars. 2018, BMC Psychiatry. CUitCoNY, SDJZU, UIOVitenskapelig artikkel
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