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Sist endret: 1. februar 2018 14:56
Cristin-prosjekt-ID: 408818
Sist endret: 1. februar 2018 14:56

Searching for Qualities


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Searching for Qualities

Vitenskapelig sammendrag

Research focus

Searching for quality _ Blikk for Barn

The project will focus whether changes in group compositions from traditional small group organization towards more flexible groups, will affect the quality of daily life for children under the age of 3 in ECEC. Focus will be given to different aspects of quality, especially caregivers' interactions with the children children's opportunities for participation aesthetic learning


To be able to identify and analyze the complexity of daily life for small children in different day care settings, it seems necessary to approach the field from different angles and positions, combining methods of investigation. The design will be in line with what Denzin and Lincoln (2008) describe as "crystal-method" indicating that multiple methodological approaches to a problem can contribute to enhanced and nuanced knowledge. This project will combine quantitative and qualitative approaches to the field in order to give a nuanced picture of everyday life for the very young children in day care.At group level two international scales which are promising in measuring general process quality and interactions between caregivers and children, has been chosen as indicators of process quality. At the individual level, participants' experiences of meaningfulness and pleasure, is seen in relation to contextual matters, relations between people and the individual child's expressions of well-being and belonging



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