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Neurorehabilitation-how plastic is the human brain? What promotes learning and cognitive function in rehabilitation.

  • Birgitta Langhammer

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Publiseringsår: 2017
Type: Internett
Dato: 20. mars 2017

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Neurorehabilitation-how plastic is the human brain? What promotes learning and cognitive function in rehabilitation.


The focus of the work the shop was motor learning, with learning and re-learning methods used to promote physical and cognitive function after neurological damage. The seminar was successfully performed as scheduled 20.-21.March 2017. We used the available media platforms and contacted relevant professional and user organizations to inform about the seminar in the autumn 2016. The target audience were representatives from the academic education sector, specialist-, municipal- and emergency- care rehabilitation. User representatives were only one from the Brain Council, see programme attachment 1. This low representation may possibly be due to the content of the programme, which may seem slightly academic. In addition, presentations were in English. We received more registrations than we were able to house, due to relocations and rebuilding activities at Oslo and Akershus University College. 155 participants attended the seminar: 137 participants from Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Iceland, 8 presenters and 8 representatives, see list of participants, attachment 2. The goal was to generate an international and national workshop for leading scientists, from home and abroad, who could illustrate and discuss further development of treatment and research in the area. The final programme did represent that, although some changes in speakers had to be made in reference to the original plan. The programme was designed with several breaks and opportunities for participants to connect and discuss, see programme, attachment 3. The participants and presenters were able to create relationships and networks that will result in cooperation with institutions. As an example, HiOA has now a one of the presenters as visiting researcher at the faculty of Health who is doing work shops and participates in education on master and PhD level. The Scandinavian representation resulted in several connections and positive meetings between participants but also with and between presenters. The seminar was filmed, not streamed as indicated in the application. Nevertheless, the film will be distributed to the participants for internal use as well as other materials from the seminar through the conference web site:


Birgitta Langhammer

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