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Symbols and exact regularity of symmetric pseudo-splines of any arity

  • Agnar Georg Peder Muntingh


BIT Numerical Mathematics
ISSN 0006-3835
e-ISSN 1572-9125
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Vitenskapelig artikkel
Publiseringsår: 2017
Publisert online: 2017
Trykket: 2017
Volum: 57
Hefte: 3
Sider: 867 - 900
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Symbols and exact regularity of symmetric pseudo-splines of any arity


Pseudo-splines form a family of subdivision schemes that provide a natural blend between interpolating schemes and approximating schemes, including the Dubuc–Deslauriers schemes and B-spline schemes. Using a generating function approach, we derive expressions for the symbols of the symmetric m-ary pseudo-spline subdivision schemes. We show that their masks have positive Fourier transform, making it possible to compute the exact Hölder regularity algebraically as a logarithm of the spectral radius of a matrix. We apply this method to compute the regularity explicitly in some special cases, including the symmetric binary, ternary, and quarternary pseudo-spline schemes.


Agnar Georg Peder Muntingh

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    ved Mathematics and Cybernetics ved SINTEF AS
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