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  • Anne-Linn Karine Akselsen

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Originalverkets tittel: Carousel
Publiseringsår: 2018
Originalverkets komponist: Sandra Kolstad
Besetning: dansere: Sara Tan, Elizaveta Penkova, Christine Kjellberg, Ellada Damianou
Medskapere: Adrián Minkowicz- dramaturg, Herman Sorgeloos- scenograf, Tatjana Andreeva- kostyme

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Carousel is a dance performance that explores the range of our ability to relate to others, dealing simultaneously with the symbolic value of the images created and the kinesthetics experience of dancing together. As any relationship is a situation of power, dancing together becomes a politically charged moment. Dance has always had a social function, with the potential to tear through the social fabric. In a historical perspective, the collective dance has been a powerful event with the potential to unite people across all types of divides. The repetitive circle, the pushing and pulling, the sheer humanity of other bodies presence, sweating and breathing, moving together; while dancing with others, you are pulled into situations you have not chosen, where you are forced to relate. This project is an exploration of the possibilities of relating to others and where the choreographic language develops in the space in-between. With the circle as a basic compositional form both in movement and sound, and the idea of perpetual repetition as a guideline, we will create choreographic expressions and complex kinesthetic experiences that affect both dancers and spectators. The ideas behind Carousel is based on extensive and long-term research on the art of dancing together, which embodies how we dance with others in both physical contact, through manipulations both actual and virtual, and in space, and how this creates ideas of and for choreography. We use this physical encounter, this primary kinesthetic experience, to pave the way for an understanding of what communication may be today, using the Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben's concepts of “communicating communicability” and how he wants to highlight a "non-utilitarian" way of thinking in his concept of gesture. What is dance, if not communication that communicates that it can communicate without necessarily revealing its object, a gesture in its most accessible form. Carousel is a dance performance for four dancers and a musician, with choreography by Anne-Linn Akselsen, dramaturgy by Adrián Minkowicz (Human Works), scenography by Herman Sorgeloos, costumes by Tanja Andreeva, created and performed by Elisaveta Penkova, Sara Tan, Ellada Damianou and Christine Kjellberg, original score by Sandra Kolstad performed live as part of the performance. The project is financed by The Norwegian Arts Council, Hordaland Fylkeskommune, coproduced by RAS Sandnes Kulturhus, BIT Teatergarasjen/Oktoberdans, supported by Oslo National Academy of the Arts. Carousel premiered October 4th 2018 at Sandnes Kulturhus and was shown at Oktoberdans on the 18th and 19th of October 2018. The project received remarkable reviews in Bergens Tidende, Quote;“Some sequences in the performance is the finest I think I have seen of contemporary dance.”


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Anne-Linn Karine Akselsen

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