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Curating Climate: Designing a polycentric approach to the climate crisis for museums

  • Bergsveinn Thorsson


Navn på arrangementet: Kultur og krise – museum og samfunn i møte med ekstreme situasjoner
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Vitenskapelig foredrag
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Curating Climate: Designing a polycentric approach to the climate crisis for museums


How can museums navigate the incredibly complex phenomenon that the climate crisis is? Is it fair to expect museums to become experts in climate science, the multifarious impacts and implications of climate change and be leading figures in sustainable development? At the same time as they have their hands full with core responsibilities. While the task might seem insurmountable, museums have potentials to contribute in diverse ways. Adopting a polycentric approach to the crisis enables us to reexamine the idea that solutions to a global challenge needs to be global in scale. Rather we could assemble multiple actions and raise awareness on different scales, from the global, national to the local level. In this presentation I will argue that museums can play an important role in a polycentric approach of coping with climate change. I will introduce 5 interconnected pathways that draw from museums’ capacities and are intended to build up competences to become relevant actors in climate action. The pathways are Conceptualisations of Climate Change, Strategy and Futuring, Networking and Collaboration, Climate related Heritage, and Responsibility. The presented work is situated in the growing field of climate related museum studies, and is based on collaborations, conversations and research in Iceland and Norway.


Bergsveinn Thorsson

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    ved Institutt for kulturstudier og orientalske språk ved Universitetet i Oslo
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