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    ved Institutt for lærerutdanning ved Universitetet i Oslo

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The role of students’ personal experiences in a collaborative interdisciplinary project about well-being.

Furberg, Anniken; Arnseth, Hans Christian. 2022, SIG 10, 21 & 25 Conference 2022. UIT, UIOVitenskapelig foredrag

Teachers’ orientation to students' personal experiences in an interdisciplinary instructional design about life skills and well-being.

Silseth, Kenneth; Furberg, Anniken. 2022, SIG 10, 21 & 25 Conference 2022. UIOVitenskapelig foredrag

Invoking student resources in whole-class conversations in science education: A sociocultural perspective.

Furberg, Anniken Larsen; Silseth, Kenneth. 2022, The Journal of the Learning Sciences. UIOVitenskapelig artikkel

Students’ Model-based Reasoning in Immunology: The Role of Drawings, Gestures and Material Artefacts. .

Sjøberg, Mari; Knain, Erik; Furberg, Anniken Larsen. 2021, ESERA. UIOVitenskapelig foredrag

Exploring Student Reasoning and Representation Construction in School Science Through the Lenses of Social Semiotics and Interaction Analysis.

Knain, Erik; Fredlund, Tobias; Furberg, Anniken Larsen. 2021, Research in Science Education. HiG, UIOVitenskapelig artikkel
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