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Robert Løvsletten Smith

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    ved Senter for Psykofarmakologi ved Diakonhjemmet sykehus

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Evaluation of the CYP2D6 Haplotype Activity Scores Based on Metabolic Ratios of 4,700 Patients Treated With Three Different CYP2D6 Substrates.

Jukic, Marin M.; Smith, Robert Løvsletten; Molden, Espen; Ingelman-Sundberg, Magnus. 2021, Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics. UUB, DIAKONSYK, UIO, KIVitenskapelig artikkel

Absolute and Dose-Adjusted Serum Concentrations of Clozapine in Patients Switching vs. Maintaining Treatment: An Observational Study of 1979 Patients.

Kyllesø, Lennart; Smith, Robert Løvsletten; Karlstad, Øystein; Andreassen, Ole A.; Molden, Espen. 2021, CNS Drugs. DIAKONSYK, FHI, UIO, OUSVitenskapelig artikkel

Validation of a Population Pharmacokinetic Model of Vortioxetine Using Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Data.

Frederiksen, Trine; Smith, Robert L.; Wollmann, Birgit M.; Areberg, Johan; Molden, Espen. 2021, Clinical Pharmacokinetics. SDU, DIAKONSYK, UIO, DANMARKVitenskapelig artikkel

Impact of age and gender on paliperidone exposure in patients after administration of long-acting injectable formulations—an observational study using blood samples from 1223 patients.

Tveito, Marit; Høiseth, Gudrun; Haslemo, Tore; Molden, Espen; Smith, Robert Løvsletten. 2021, European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology. DIAKONSYK, VESTFOLD, OSLOMET, UIO, OUSVitenskapelig artikkel

Rates of complete nonadherence among atypical antipsychotic drugs: A study using blood samples from 13,217 outpatients with psychotic disorders.

Smith, Robert Løvsletten; Tveito, Marit; Kyllesø, Lennart; Jucik, Marin M.; Ingelman-Sundberg, Magnus; Andreassen, Ole Andreas; Molden, Espen. 2020, Schizophrenia Research. UUB, DIAKONSYK, VESTFOLD, UIO, OUS, KIVitenskapelig artikkel
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