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Bettina Elisabeth Franziska Husebø

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    ved Institutt for global helse og samfunnsmedisin ved Universitetet i Bergen


+47 55586735

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How, Why and Where it Hurts—Breaking Down Pain Syndrome Among Nursing Home Patients With Dementia: A Cross-Sectional Analysis of the COSMOS Trial.

Wagatsuma, Shunta; Yamaguchi, Taizo; Berge, Line Iden; Husebø, Bettina Elisabeth Franziska; Habiger, Torstein Frugård; Nouchi, Rui; Angeles, Renira Corinne. 2021, Pain Management Nursing. TD, PIHV, NORCE, BERGEN, UIBVitenskapelig artikkel

Does paracetamol improve quality of life, discomfort, pain and neuropsychiatric symptoms in persons with advanced dementia living in long-term care facilities? A randomised double-blind placebo-controlled crossover (Q-PID) trial.

van Dam, Paulien H.; Achterberg, Wilco; Husebø, Bettina Elisabeth Franziska; Caljouw, Monique A. A.. 2020, BMC Medicine. BERGEN, LUMC, UIBVitenskapelig artikkel

Scoping review: Intergenerational resource transfer and possible enabling factors.

Wong, Eliza Lai-Yi; Liao, Jennifer Mengwei; Etherton-Beer, Christopher; Baldassar, Loretta; Cheung, Gary; Dale, Claire Margaret; Flo-Groeneboom, Elisabeth; Husebø, Bettina; Lay-Yee, Roy; Millard, Adele mfl.. 2020, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (IJERPH). TCUoHK, TUoA, UoS, UWA, UIB, NUoSVitenskapelig oversiktsartikkel/review

Reform influences location of death: Interrupted time-series analysis on older adults and persons with dementia.

MacNeil Vroomen, Janet L.; Kjellstadli, Camilla; Allore, Heather G.; van der Steen, Jenny T.; Husebø, Bettina. 2020, PLOS ONE. UvA, BERGEN, UMCN, LUMC, YU, UIBVitenskapelig artikkel

LIVE@Home.Path--innovating the clinical pathway for home-dwelling people with dementia and their caregivers: Study protocol for a mixed-method, stepped-wedge, randomized controlled trial.

Husebø, Bettina; Allore, Heather; Achterberg, Wilco; Angeles, Renira Corinne; Ballard, Clive; Bruvik, Frøydis Kristine; Fæø, Stein Erik; Gedde, Marie H.; Hillestad, Eirin; Jacobsen, Frode F. mfl.. 2020, Trials. PIHV, NORCE, MCLEAN, VERDIGHET, VESTFOLD, NTNU, HAUKELAND, UoE, OUS, INNLANDET, UIB, HMS, VID, TD, BERGEN, YU, LUMC, HVLVitenskapelig artikkel
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  • 2012 - Pris for fremragende forskningsformidling 2011
  • 2010 - Egget forskningspris - 2. plass, Oslo, 23.11.2010
  • 2010 - Annual Award Organization Protection of Human Dignity, Oslo
  • 2009 - Poster Award – 1. prize Congr Europ Assoc Pall Care, Vienna
  • 2009 - Research Award Norwegian Pain Society
  • 2008 - Highest award Norwegian Red Cross: Torstein Dale