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Unni Cecilie Nygaard

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    ved Avdeling for metodeutvikling og analyse ved Folkehelseinstituttet


Folkehelseinstituttet, Pb 4404 Nydalen, 0403 Oslo

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Dibutyl phthalate exposure alters T-cell subsets in blood from allergen-sensitized volunteers.

Maestre-Batlle, Danay; Nygaard, Unni Cecilie; Huff, Ryan D.; Alexis, Neil E.; Tebbutt, Scott J.; Turvey, Stuart E.; Carlsten, Christopher; Bølling, Anette Kocbach. 2022, Indoor Air: International Journal of Indoor Environment and Health. UoNCaCH, FHI, UBCVitenskapelig artikkel

The EXIMIOUS project-Mapping exposure-induced immune effects: Connecting the exposome and the immunome.

Ronsmans, Steven; Hougaard, Karin Sørig; Nawrot, Tim S.; Plusquin, Michelle; Huaux, François; Cruz, María Jesús; Moldovan, Horatiu; Verpaele, Steven; Jayapala, Murali; Tunney, Michael mfl.. 2022, Environmental Epidemiology. IMEC, KUL, FHI, BI, TQUOB, VHIR, AU, SVEITS, UHASSELT, BELGIA, REGIONH, UMFST, UCL, DANMARKVitenskapelig artikkel

Lipidomic Analyses Reveal Modulation of Lipid Metabolism by the PFAS Perfluoroundecanoic Acid (PFUndA) in Non-Obese Diabetic Mice.

Hyötyläinen, Tuulia; Bodin, Johanna Eva; Duberg, Daniel; Dirven, Hubert; Nygaard, Unni Cecilie; Orešič, Matej. 2021, Frontiers in Genetics. ORU, Ty, FHI, ÅAVitenskapelig artikkel

Improved diet quality is associated with decreased levels of inflammatory markers in adults with uncontrolled asthma.

Nygaard, Unni Cecilie; Xiao, Lan; Nadeau, Kari C; Hew, Kinjal M.; Lv, Nan; Camargo, Carlos A.; Strub, Peg; Ma, Jun. 2021, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. UoIaC, SU, FHI, KAISERDOR, HMSVitenskapelig artikkel

Maternal gestational mercury exposure in relation to cord blood T cell alterations and placental gene expression signatures.

Movassagh, Hesam; Halchenko, Yuliya; Sampath, Vanitha; Nygaard, Unni Cecilie; Jackson, Brian; Robbins, David; Li, Zhigang; Nadeau, Kari C.; Karagas, Margaret R.. 2021, Environmental Research. SU, UoM, DAR, FHI, DCVitenskapelig artikkel
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